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January 1, 2002 (approximately 12:45 AM): Jeremy declares his jihad against liberalism. My simmering frustration with the absolute blind failure of socialism-communism-pacifism in my home town of San Francisco came to a boil. Unfortunately, this happened to be in the middle of a New Year's Eve party full of liberals, and I managed to successfully bring the party to an end. That evening was referred to by my friends as "Jeremy's Jihad" and was eventually shortened to Jerhad.

Those events motivated me to begin writing articles for submission to various publications. Eventually an article was published by the liberal San Francisco Chronicle, and the jihad was in full force. I now write articles when I have the time and publish them on this and other websites. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get articles emailed directly to you as I publish them (3 to 4 each month).

On a personal note, I grew up in Texas and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area about 15 years ago to attend college. I was never actively involved in politics until seeing the failures of liberalism first-hand in San Francisco. While I am considered a radical right-wing scum in San Francisco, my friends back in Texas tell me that I have gone "soft" over the last several years.

This site and its articles are the result of that one New Year's evening, and everything is meant in the spirit of good fun. If you're offended, you can go home and hug a tree or cry in your tie-dye shirt. Enjoy!